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Radiation sterilization of pharmaceutical products

Today the high level of microbiological purity of drugs is one of the most important requirements of the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) imposed to manufacturers of pharmaceutical products.

Traditional pharmacy processing methods which include autoclaving, dry-heat treatment and a membrane filtration can’t be used for decontamination of plant raw materials and most of phytopreparations. There is a growing number of alternative methods which substitute traditional methods. Radiation, gas and some other types of sterilization are used:
- To process solid and powder materials which do not withstand high temperatures
- To replace power consuming and inefficient methods of sterilization.

Laboratory of the Radiation Technology (LRT) of“Accelerator” Science and Research Establishment, NSC KIPT renders services of radiation sterilization since 2000. We process your products directly in individual and transport packages 24 hours a day, using production facilities with capacity of more than 10,000 cubic meters of products a year.

LRT offers services of radiation processing of raw materials, pharmaceutical and cosmetology products.

For any questions concerning radiation sterilization, please contact us by tel.: +38 (057) 335 18 89.