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The technological process of radiation processing (sterilization) of products includes the following stages:

  • Reception of vehicles with products, unloading and storage on the unfinished products site
  • Start up of the accelerator, setting in the operating mode
  • Measuring of main parameters of the beam
  • Placing of a phantom (similar to the products) with dosimeters on the conveyor and its irradiation
  • Setting of the products irradiation mode (one-sided or sandwich, conveyor speed, width and position of a spread beam on the irradiated object)
  • Loading of the conveyor with products
  • Irradiation of products in the mode with a preset absorbed dose
  • Control dosimeter measurements and adjustment (if necessary) of irradiation conditions
  • Unloading of products from the conveyor and storage on the finished products site
  • Identification (marking) of processed products
  • Control of residual radiation in processed products
  • Product sampling for bacteriological control (if agreed upon with the customer)
  • Loading of products to the vehicles.